Shake Graphics biedt sinds 1999 kunst en grafisch ontwerp aan. Waar hij begon als klein kunstenaar in Steenwijk, met muurschilderingen en kleine (digitale) opdrachten, is hij nu uitgegroeid tot een volwaardig graffiti artiest en grafisch ontwerper.

Shake Graphics is nu gevestigd in de mooie hoofdstad van Nederland, Amsterdam. Zijn markt is klein: hij richt zijn creatieve diensten op gezellige gezinnen en klein- en middelgrote bedrijven. Staat een wens niet tussen de geboden services? Stuur een mailtje en Shake kan samen met u kijken wat er mogelijk is. Niets is te gek!

Shake Graphics is Shake, Shake is Anne van der Kuur. Zijn vader omschrijft zijn zoon in een biografische notitie (Engels) hieronder:

“I remember Anne especially as a high-spirited “krullenbol” (*someone with voluptuous hair) but underneath those long curling quiffs was already a lot of hidden potential for creativity. At home, but also in school Anne already had an artistic flare. As a child he loved being in the playground, painting, drawing and maybe even knocking some LEGO together. During his “HAVO”-period Anne turned out to be a fanatical sportsman, where basketball was high in his esteem. Much training and a lot of games were played and frequently won. When it came to basketball Anne was a definite team-player but outside the court he was a solo working kinda guy. He started drawing all kinds of cartoon characters (Beaves and Butthead, South Park, Lucky Luck) but he also drew his own fabricated fantasy characters. As he grew older he progressed into the world of graffiti-art, and came out on top. Anne became technically and artistically committed to graffiti-art (along with his friend Shon Price) which lead to several invitations to do legal projects in town. In several cities we admire different, more sub-verse types of art-work and i believe that graffiti art falls into that category. Although a profession in sports was not destined, fortunately Anne had a good second choice, he had a goal, something to reach towards in the world of the graphic design. I still remember how Anne made his admission for the examination at the Graphic Lyceum in Zwolle, by visualizing three famous sayings, One of which was, “naar de haaien gaan”, a development of this proverb which speaks very much about the imagination. He excelled and with this training he is now certainly reaping the rewards.”

– Rients van der Kuur